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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Atmel microcontroller tutorial - Index

hi guys.I am Shovon(M.E. BUET).I am an electronics and robotics enthusiast.I have been working with uCs for a long time and I have collected valuable infos and willing to share 'em. I am writing a tutorial on uC(Microcontroller).The uC I'm gonna use is Atmel Atmega16(8,32 will be ok).Well,let's keep this mumbo jumbos short...and move to the tutorial
N.B. :-For descriptions...see other blog posts
Here is the complete index:
Atmel uC tutorial
  1. 8 bit timer
  2. 16 bit timer
  3. Project - a clock
  4. Special application - the PWM
  • Analog to digital converter - the magical connector between analog and digital world!!
  1. ADC description
  2. Some Coding
  3. Project - voltimeter
  • LCD Display...your monitor for uC Computer!!
  1. Overview
  2. LCD pin configuration
  3. Now... some coding
  4. Project...LCD Clock!!
  • Make your uC remember things even when it's turned off - the EEPROM
  1. Overview
  2. Registers
  3. Some Coding
  4. Project...Alarm Clock
  • Tick...Tick...Tick...tititi...Time to communicate with your pc...the USART
  1. Overview
  2. Serial Communication Basic
  3. Register
  4. controlled stepper motor
  • Some other uC stuffs
  1. Serial Peripheral Interface - SPI
  2. I2C/TWI
  3. Some good tutorials on uCs