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Monday, January 30, 2012


An easy to use avrdude GUI for Windows platform

CEMSTech AVRpal.NET is a very easy to use avrdude GUI.NOw,avrdude is a very popular programmer application for AVR microcontroller mainly because its cross platform and its small in size but it has one major drawback...ITS COMM
AND LINE!!!!(well...I hate typing commands).So I decided to go for making an avrdude GUI.Now,avrdude is the "dude" of AVRs so I named my app. "AVRpal"(:D :D)...Now many of you will try to shoot me as I havent added any support for parallel,serial programmers and NOT even for USBtinyISP...IT only supports USBasp...its because
I had only USBasp and this works great,may be popular than USBtinyISP(Dont blame me if I am wrong guys).So,as I built this app. for me at first,I couldn't so didn't add any support for other programming hardwares but avrdude supports a lot.Now I did one thing for you,I made it OPEN SOURCE!!!If you can code in VB.NET,just download the code from here and enjoy!!!
Now...a screenshot of this app:

Now you can see that the interface looks funny...well it was made so intentionally(I didn't provide support for many programmers,so at least I hope this is gonna save me from getting beaten up by embedded people(well...I hope so)).So guys,go to and download the binary from here.

Now this application requires a modified firmware for USBasp to enable the slow sck control feature from the application window.I will upload the modified firmware soon.