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Friday, April 16, 2010

How to select a perfect microcontroller for your work

Well...after having a basic knowledge of uCs (microcontroller) , we move to an essential part...there are many uC models and manufacturers....which uC should we select for our work,right?'s a bit like choosing other electronic components.For example, for timing pulse operation,we select NE555 IC , not CD4017.Like this, we will select our uC according to what we want to do with it....means what integrated facilities it must have to meet our demands.Cost is also a big factor if you want to go commercial.If your desired work can be done with a $1 uC,then it is impractical to choose a $5 uC for that.Size can also be a big factor.two uCs can be of same price but different size and sometimes you may have to choose the smaller one to make your circuit compact.
Well...internal facilities or hardwares play the main role so this factor has the first priority in case of choosing a suitable uC.Like,for your work , you need an analog to digital converter or a higher clock rate or built in USB hardware(this stuffs will be discussed don't get scared seeing them) etc. etc. etc. There are some uCs that may meet all your demands...means you may use one like them in every application but they may be costly so you have to choose cheaper , specially dedicated uCs("dedicated" doesnt mean these uCs can only do a single job,they can do other jobs but are "specialized" for doing that single job).
A good example is this we are explaining every basic thing of we have to choose a uC in which every general hardware is present(means the common hardwares found in most of the uCs).So we are using Atmega16.There is another reason behind choosing this one.This is a general purpose uC and...almost all the tools you need(software,circuit schematics) to work is free(except hardware) and AVR microcontrollers are good to be used in novice level.

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